Kithul Treacle


Both Coconut Jaggery & Treacle are natural sweetners that offer immense benefits due to its low (GI) Glycemic Index and are rich in vital vitamins and minerals that help boost immunity. Coconut Jaggery is made by boiling strained unfermented coconut sap and then crystallizing it. This semisolid Jaggery is then placed in coconut shell moulds to solidify. Coconut Treacle, on the other hand, is made by heating the extracted sap to remove its water content, which increases its sugar content. Ariya Food is proud to bring both forms of Coconut Sweetener to the world in the solid Coconut Jaggery and liquid Coconut Treacle. Coconut Jaggery is an excellent accompaniment to tea while Coconut Treacle adds new life to desserts, curd or even yoghurt.

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