Corporate Social Responsibility

Tradlanka Agricultural Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. saw its inception many years ago in 1988, eventually leading to its rise as a major exporter in the market today. However every business or company does not succeed purely on the profits it makes or the growth it shows. The success of a business also has to have a correlated impact on its society, the system which the business is built upon. We at Tradlanka Agricultural Enterprises work closely with the local community in bringing our products to the world, our mission has always been to strive for the growth of the communities that surround as they too help propel us forwards.

Mr. Ariyasiri Vithanage, Founder of Tradlanka Agricultural Enterprises has contributed towards uplifting the local communities in many ways over the years. Coming from a humble background, Mr. Vithanage was always a local man at heart, who understood people and shared his compassion and kindness with them. His humble generosity is widely known amongst the people who hold him in high regard. Mr. Ariyasiri Vithanage has seen to the construction of a Community Centre paired with a Village Youth Society called “Ariya Shakthi Mithuru Hawla” that assist the youth and the needy within the village. He has hosted numerous Health Camps that include Free General Check Up Camps, Free Dental Camps, Free Eyesight Check Ups and the donation of spectacles for the needy. He has also donated a property upon which, he has commissioned the renovation and construction of a temple in his rural village.

Mr. Ariyasiri Vithanage highly supports the education of children within the community and has contributed by renovating the school buildings and building a place of worship as well. He has assisted students by donating supplies like school bags, exercise books and stationery. He also supported the education cause by offering various Scholarships to dedicated O/L students, helping them pave their way ahead.

Mr. Ariyasiri Vithanage along with his team of employees at Tradlanka Holdings, believe in his vision for a better and just society that is fair for all. They make his visions come to life in their contributions to the community and form a strong and steady pathway leading ahead.