Tradlanka Agricultural Enterprises exports a range of high quality Coconut based products that include Desiccated Coconut (DC), Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), and Natural Coconut Vinegar (NCV) under the ARIYA Brand. Coconut being one of the major plantation crops in Sri Lanka with a cultivation of approximately 395,000 hectares accounts for 2.5 Million nuts per annum and has placed Sri Lanka within the Top 5 Nations in the world that export high quality Coconut Kernel based Products.


Sri Lanka is very popular globally for high quality Desiccated Coconut. The unique white colour, texture, aroma and better taste due to higher fat content makes Sri Lankan DC an unmatchable product in comparison to other suppliers. World renowned Biscuit and Chocolate manufactures use Sri Lankan origin DC due to this very same reason.

Tradlanka Agricultural Enterprises export Desiccated Coconut in Bulk as well as in 350g or 500g Consumer Packs under the ARIYA Brand which are ideal for Retail purpose.

Fine Grade
Packaging: 25Kg, 50Kg
Medium Grade
Packaging: 25Kg, 50Kg
Packaging: 25Kg, 50Kg
Packaging: 25Kg, 50Kg
Consumer Packs
Packaging: 350g, 500g
Triple Laminate Re-sealable Pouch
Bulk Pack

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