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The story of Tildais one of unbroken success.

Tildawas the first company to bring Basmati to the Western World over 40 years ago and has become an international food brand selling in over 50 countries.

In our quest for the very best Basmati, Tildaemploys the latest DNA fingerprint technology and checks every batch of rice for purity

TildaPure Basmati Rice

  • Flagship brand which is globally visible.

  • This unique grain is known for its tantalising flavour, magical aroma and delicate fluffy texture.

  • Pure Basmati rice can only be grown and harvested in one place on Earth, at the foothills of the Himalayas.

  • Our grains are purity tested; as we believe only Pure Basmati has the unique characteristics.

  • Pack size: 1kg & 5 kg

Organic option available in 1kg pack

Tilda WandafulBasmati Rice

  • Everyday Basmati Rice

  • Tilda Wandafulbasmati rice is wonderful rice with long, white and fluffy grains.

  • This versatile rice absorbs the flavours of other ingredients to make delicious savoury dishes.

  • This versatile rice absorbs the flavours of other ingredients to make delicious savoury dishes.

  • Pack Size: 1kg & 5kg

Tilda GRAND extra-long grain Basmati Rice

  • Tilda HimshaliGRAND is extra-long grain, Basmati Rice. It is the perfect choice for special celebration feasts.

  • Himshali-GRAND grains are longer & stronger in nature. Hence, while cooking a rice dish which needs constant stirring grains do not break, which makes it an ideal choice for preparations like Biryanis, Pulaus, etc.The Basmati for the exotic feasts.

  • Pack Size: 1kg & 5kg


TildaDry Rice

1kg Block Pack

5kg Indian Optima








PP Film

Preform Pouch

Unit per case



Shelf Life (months)



FCL 20' (cases) Palletized



FCL 20' (cases) unpalletized



Rizbrationz – Basmati Rice

  • Bulk cooking with considerable holding time

  • Strong grain to ensure minimum cooked brokens

  • Good grain length

  • Fluffy texture

  • High visual appeal
With Rizbrationz rice, Tilda delivers all the above parameters in addition delivering higher yield & consistency in product quality.

Rizbrationz assures you that the rice looks freshly made even after long holding hours. The strong grains will ensure minimum cooked brokens .

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